About Yvette


I am a marketing mentor, your cheerleader in chief and passionate about supporting women in business. I work with women that run their micro and small businesses from the kitchen table. 

I support businesses using my four pillar method


I’ve worked in marketing for nearly 20 years and supported businesses of all shapes and sizes but I love working with women in business who want to make a difference and are passionate about what they do.

I have a strong emphasis on marketing and helping clients create clear messages and ensure their product or service is marketed in the best way to help them achieve their aims.

I have worked in a multitude of industries, fulfilling a wide range of roles.   I’ve worked in PR, education, charities, arts organisations and managed everything from press tours to large-scale literature events.  Whether it was in my job description or not I always found myself organising events!  I have done this as a volunteer, employee and freelancer.

I’m passionate about helping women achieve their goals and empowering them, so not only do I provide consultancy but also coaching and mentoring.

I work holistically helping you to create the business that you love and the life you want to lead.

So if you want to know more give me a call.

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PS  – I’ve accumulated lots of certificates over the years so I have CAM certificates in Marketing, Certificate in Arts Management, Diploma in Event Management, Prince2 (Foundation), BA Hons Journalism and Psychology, MA in Communities Organisations and Social Change, to name a few and I’m writing up a PhD thesis in Sociology.  I’ve also studied coaching and mentoring – I’m  addicted to self development!


Join me at The Kitchen Table Club – the home to my course The Kitchen Table CEO Business Boost Course!

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