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Guest Post – Release the business inside you – Elvina Quaison

International business woman Elvina Quaison discusses how you can turn that business dream into a reality.  Get in touch with the heart of your business and start building your vision today.

Did you have the dream of having your own business years ago or yesterday? So many of us do not get past the ideas and planning stage because it is safe there, there are no customers to disappoint, no scary pricing to be done and no possible failure to be had.

What you should recognise is that you have something that other people need, your role in this situation is to package, present and price your service in a way that those in need of it can recognise and acquire. It’s no longer about you; you are a vessel to help others.

Once you have that clear in your mind there are a few areas that as a woman in business I recognised needed work within me before I could effectively provide a service to others.

You have skills, recognise and use them:

Have you taken stock of ALL the amazing skills and abilities you have? Not just the ones you think you need for your business but all of them? The key thing is for you to recognise at the heart of these skills are elements essential in making your business stand out or effectively deal with the plethora of unexpected challenges that will arise.

Tip: Take some time anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour and list all the things you can think of that:


  • You can do easily
  • That you can do well
  • That other people say you are great at


This list is invaluable in helping you see the transferable skills that you can incorporate into helping your company grow, building a brand and staying unique.

Your skills have value don’t undersell yourself

One of the challenges for me starting my business has been and still is pricing for my services. Often the business we choose is based on a skill or interest we have that we enjoy and comes easily to us, this often makes it difficult for us to put a value on it.

Tip: Many people find it hard to initially accurately value their skill as it can be tied up with how we view and value ourselves. This is a great time to seek advice from professionals who may be able to see the value in you better than you can see it yourself!

Don’t be a business woman, be a woman in business Tweet this

Going into business was something I was always a little hesitant to do as the role models the media gave me were hard-nosed, cold business women. Since then I have learnt I don’t have to be that kind of ‘business woman’, I can find my way to be a woman in business.

Don’t worry about making mistakes, having mis-communications and awkward situations, be aware of them when they happen, assess why they happened and what you can do to minimise the chances of it happening again. All of this builds your business personality, helps you be your kind of woman in business.

Tip: Support is key. Join a group of like-minded women, acquire a mentor if you feel that would help and invite inspirational women for a coffee. An inspirational woman doesn’t need to be a Sheryl Sandberg she could equally be a friend or a local business woman.

You are amazing, as are your ideas and abilities, success comes from learning through our failures, mishaps and disappointments. So be kind to yourself and remember we are all learning here, organisations are on hand to help guide our learning and make this all a little easier. Good Luck!

A longer version of this article is available on Elvina’s blog

BiographyElvina Quaison

Elvina Quaison is the Director of Silk Solutions a company that makes moving into Ghana easier and opens the market to the small company wanting to expand into a new exciting sphere. Reaching this point has followed a path of working with and in African countries for over 11 years in various capacities.

Elvina has worked with social organisations and private companies organising large scale conferences to intimate networking events, carrying out research studies, facilitating workshops and trainings, sourcing business partners and funding among other things for organisations and individual clients.

Follow Elvina’s experiences in business abroad: http://silksolutionsglobal.wordpress.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/silksolutions

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SilkSolutions


Vox Africa – http://www.voxafrica.co.uk/vod/videos/?v=0_ts63zy8h

Black Enterprise.com – http://www.blackenterprise.com/career/four-british-women-head-back-to-africa-to-pursue-career-dreams/2/


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